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The exhibition area is being moved to virtual venue thanks to

'' brings 100 times more visitors to a company with a cost savings of 99% compared to a normal business. The portal, which is one of the biggest problems of trade life from SMEs to giant industrial enterprises, is the only digital exhibition that has ended its search for the market.

Benefiting Firm

  • The high costs brought by traditional trade fairs are minimized,
  • In this process, as well as the cost of accommodation-transportation, time-saving,
  • Each company is private; Company-initiated panel where you can add and update information, catalog files, products, company introduction videos,
  • Participation in all fairs and opening stands,
  • Ability to add an unlimited number of company representatives to contact customers globally,
  • Immediate correspondence via the portal via the customer or visitors and representatives, or video and voice over conference apps,
  • Online conference or question-answer for visitors,
  • With the virtual tour application that is modeled by the panoramic photographs that give the impression of three dimensional image, they will be able to find the possibilities to browse their companies online by creating a sense of being inside the place.

Benefiting Visitors

  • Visiting the fair area online from home, offices or any other place with internet connection,
  • Be able to examine the stands of companies,
  • Be able to interact with companies in another city or country,
  • In addition to instantly writing questions and asking questions with companies, they can also monitor companies' catalog files, products, promotional videos,
  • Being able to spend hours trying to find company stands in huge exhibition areas,
  • Ability to participate in online conferences of companies and to answer questions instantly,
  • They will be able to speak voice and video over conference apps by submitting requests to company representatives.